Hello Prospective Members of the Greek Community,

Hi, my name is Kion and I am a member of Theta Chi here at Ohio State. I have been elected into the position of VP Recruitment in order to help new members in the community figure out more about Ohio State's great Greek community, and to help them get into a fraternity that is the best match for them. Our Greek system proudly fosters great leaders, academic achievers, and citizens in our local community. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about fraternity life!

Recruitment for Ohio State IFC fraternities is very open. There are no "official" dates or events, each fraternity has their own schedule which you can view on their page or by contacting their recruitment chair directly. You can attend as many recruitment events at as many fraternities as you would like. I would suggest going to multiple fraternities in order to gain a good perspective and find the one you feel most comfortable in. I also highly recommend attending Zone Days, the only easy opportunity to meet and hear from every single IFC fraternity on campus. Also remember to attend an IFC Info Session! You must attend one of these to receive a bid. The schedule for these sessions can be found in the next column.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns you may contact me at ifcohiostate.vprecruitment@gmail.com

- Kion Fallah, Vice President of Recruitment

IFC Ohio State App

DOWNLOAD THE IFC OHIO STATE APP FROM THE APP STORE TODAY! The app has information on every fraternity, every recruitment event, scholarships (coming soon), philanthropy events, and more!

Info Session Schedule

In order to join a fraternity, you must attend one of the following info sessions unless you have already attended one in previous semesters. No RSVP is needed.

Spring Semester IFC Info Sessions will take place as follows:

Sunday April 8th, 4PM in the Brutus Buckeye Room of the Ohio Union (third floor)

Sunday April 22nd, 3PM in the Brutus Buckeye Room of the Ohio Union (third floor)

Zone Days

What: Zone Days is the only easy opportunity to meet and hear from every single IFC fraternity. You will be led to 4 or 5 fraternities every Sunday until you have seen them all.

When: 3:30 PM every Sunday in the fall semester. Meet at the West Plaza (by the South Oval) next to the Ohio Union for the VP Recruitment to lead you on the following days:

Zone Days have concluded for the Fall 2017 Semester.

Requirements to Join

In order to be eligible to join a fraternity you must:

Have a 2.5 GPA Minimum

Attend 12 credit hours of classes on campus at OSU or another university (high school credit does not count)

Attend one IFC Info Session


The Interfraternity Council will be awarding scholarships to students who are in an IFC chapter on The Ohio State University campus. Applicants must be enrolled as full time students and be in good standing within their chapter. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic achievement, campus/community involvement and responses to the essay questions.

Four scholarships will be awarded to each category:

New members
Active members
Graduating members

Scholarship applications will be available until November 15th at 11:59 PM.

IFC promotes community involvement through service, if you have an event you'd like to let the community know about, let us know!

The current philanthropy calendar can be found in the about, serve link. 

The Greek Meet

When: Tuesday, October 17th from 4:00 to 7:00 PM

Where: The Oval

What: Similar to the Involvement Fair, but only for Greek organizations. 

Why You Should Come: This is an opportunity to meet with chapters from all 4 Greek Councils and learn about upcoming recruitment events. There will also be some refreshments!

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