Recruitment Process for Freshmen

Freshmen cannot join a fraternity until the spring semester. However, they can attend recruitment events during the autumn semester. This allows freshmen the freedom to spend an entire semester getting to know the different fraternities on campus. The interfraternity council highly suggests that you make the most of this time period by becoming acquainted with as many chapters as possible so that you can be sure to find the right fraternity for you. You can meet the fraternities by:


Going onto the chapter page where you can find the contact info for fraternities that interest you. They can then inform you about recruitment events the chapter is hosting. By attending those events you will get to meet the brothers of the fraternity.

By attending zone days

After becoming acquainted with the fraternities during the autumn semester you will become eligible to join at the beginning of the spring semester. If a fraternity believes that you will be a good fit for the chapter then they will extend a bid, or offer to join. You can find out more about this process and the requirements to join a fraternity on the FAQ page.

 Be sure to attend an IFC informational session to learn more about the Fraternal community at Ohio State.

To be eligible to join a fraternity in the spring one must:

achieve a GPA greater than 2.5

attend one IFC informational session

complete at least 12 credit hours in the fall