Recruitment Process for Upperclassmen

Upperclassmen are free to join a fraternity at any point in the year so long as they meet the requirments to join, which include:


Cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 (some chapters have a higher requirment)

Attending one IFC info session

Completed at least 12 credit hours


 At the beginning of every semester fraternities will host what is called a "rush period." During this time, typically 2-3 weeks, multiple recruitment events will be held a week. By attending these events you will get to know the brothers and they will get to evaluate you. These events can be found by contacting the chapter's recruitment chair. Be sure to check out multiple chapters so that you can be sure to find the right one for yourself. At the end of this period, if a chapter thinks you would be a good fit for the fraternity then they will extend a "bid," or an offer to join the fraternity. You are not obligated to accept any bid and can receive multiple bids.

However just because rush ends at this point doesn't mean recruitment has to. Chapters can host recruitment events year round. And if you're not sure on what fraternity you wish to join at the end of rush or completely missed rush altogether then you can still continue to be recruited throughout the semester. If you want to continue to meet fraternities after rush ends then you can:


Contact fraternities' recruitment chairs by using their contact listed on the chapter page

Attend zone days


If you're not completely sure if fraternities are right for you at the end of the rush period or if you missed the rush period then we highly recommend that you continue to attend recruitment events throughout the semester. This allows you to meet more fraternities and better know the brothers in the chapters. (Note that if you join a fraternity you cannot continue to be recruited by others)

If you have any unanswered questions be sure to attend an info session or visit the FAQ page!