The InterFraternity Council

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the coordinating and governing body for all 36 of The Ohio State University’s general and social fraternities. Consisting of eight elected executive chairs and one representative from each respective fraternity, the council establishes and coordinates all recruitment activities, motivates and supervises academic achievement, governs the actions of its member chapters, and promotes community service projects throughout the year.

The IFC is a brotherhood amongst the Greek general fraternity community and serves as a place where common goals, interests, and a strong camaraderie are formed. With a goal to be positive leaders on campus, in the greater Columbus area, and around the world, the council strives to establish common ground among all brothers.

Along with establishing and coordinating all recruitment, or ‘rush,’ activities, the IFC also holds several popular events throughout the year including Brotherhood Without Borders week, which features ‘Walk a Mile.’ Featuring fraternity men wearing and walking in high heels, ‘Walk a Mile’ works to support the movement to prevent  sexual assault, and interpersonal violence.