The Ohio State Chapter, founded on March 24, 1906, was the sixth chapter of Acacia. Acacia, like many other fraternities, went dormant in the mid 70’s. In the summer of 1983, our current chapter house located at 166 E. Woodruff Avenue was purchased by the Acacia Alumni Board including Order of Pythagoras and Award of Merit recipient Marvin E Rothaar, an OSU Acacia alumnus from 1956 who became the new Chapter Advisor. The re-founding chapter went through two years as a colony and on February 11, 1984 our chapter of Acacia was officially re-chartered. The OSU chapter of Acacia has initiated over 1150 members since its founding including Bland Stradley, former VP of the Ohio State University who also has the dormitory Stradely Hall named after him.
Acacia prides itself on developing leaders, high academic achievements, Human Service, and strong brotherhood. The values of Truth, Morality, and Wisdom in all things are pillars upon which the network of Acacia chapters across the country stand on. We strive each and every day to communicate these values to others on not only the Ohio State Campus, but in the surrounding community.
Our members are always active inside of the chapter house, challenging themselves academically, enjoying an eclectic social life, developing lifelong friendships and living our Ritual. Outside of the chapter house, our members hold leadership roles throughout the campus, are highly involved in a diverse selection of academic and special interest clubs, and regularly volunteering in the surrounding community.