Frequently Asked Questions

These are some commonly asked questions regarding fraternity recruitment and fraternities in general. If you have any unanswered questions be sure to attend an info session or email Ian Kennedy, Vice President of IFC recruitment, at



What is a fraternity?

A fraternity is a brotherhood of similar men who share a common goal of bettering themselves and their community. Each fraternity has a distinct set of values and ideals that all the members, or brothers, of the fraternity hold themselves to. Most fraternities at Ohio State are a part of a national fraternity, meaning that they are a branch or "chapter" of a much larger organization that also has chapters at other schools. All of the chapters within a fraternity, despite existing at different schools, abide by the same common principles. These principles differ from fraternity to fraternity yet common motifs include scholarship, leadership, community service, mentorship, and philanthropy.

What is the purpose of a fraternity?

Purpose of a fraternity is simple: to build men of character who can improve the world. Fraternities achieve this goal by giving collegiate men opportunities in college that will help them grow as a person and as a scholar, both inside and outside the classroom. Benefits of joining a fraternity include:

Friendship with fraternity brothers that will last beyond college
Social opportunities to meet people in other fraternities and sororities
Student Housing and meal plans
Athletic competitions in intramurals
Community service opportunities
Fun community wide events such as homecoming and Greek week
Opportunities to host and attend philanthropic events
Leadership roles on both the chapter and IFC level
Mentorship from older brothers in the chapter and alumni
Exposure to different cultures and education through community programming
Networking opportunities with alumni
A lifetime of memories

While other student organizations may give you the opportunity to engage in some of the above events, no other organization like a fraternity allows you to do all of them. A fraternity should be you one stop spot for all your collegiate needs and desires.

How do I join a fraternity?

Each fraternity hosts its own individual recruitment events throughout the semester. By attending recruitment events you will have a chance to meet the brothers of that fraternity and they will get a chance to evaluate you. If the members of the fraternity think that you are a good fit for the chapter and you meet the requirements to join then a "bid" will be extended towards you. If you accept this bid you will begin the process of joining a fraternity. Some chapters have an educational process you must complete before you become a full member. Other chapters will allow you to become a full member as soon as you accept the bid. Each chapter has a different process, so be sure to talk to the chapters you are interested in to see how they work. You can receive bids from multiple chapters and are not obligated to accept a bid if you do not want to.

When can I get a bid?

You can get a bid from a chapter at any time so long as you meet the requirements for membership. Some chapters extend bids year round, while others only extend bids at certain points in the year. Each chapter operates differently in this regard.

How to get started with recruitment / How do I meet the fraternities?

There two easy ways to get started with recruitment:

1. Each chapter has a page on the IFC website, by clicking on the chapter's page you can see info about the chapter. This page will have a calendar of recruitment events for that specific chapter. Simply attend those events and get to know the members of the fraternity. If there are no events listed for that chapter then contact the chapter's recruitment chair as they will be inform you on the best way to meet the fraternity.

When can I get recruited?

You can be recruited by chapters and attend recruitment events at any time in your collegiate year regardless of GPA or class. However you can not get a bid until you meet the requirements to join. We suggest that if you’re interested in joining a fraternity to start recruitment as soon as possible so that you will get the know the chapters before joining.

What are the requirements to join a fraternity?

1. Complete at least 12 hours of college classes at Ohio State or another university (college credit given in high school will not count for this)

2. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 (some chapters may have a higher standard)

3. Attend an info session. Check the front page of the IFC website for the times and locations of these sessions.

What fraternity should I join?

There is no one right answer as each individual has different desires and needs and the best way to find out what chapter is ideal for you is to simply go out and meet the chapters. Know your individual goals for what you want to achieve during your time in college as far as academic standards, leadership responsibilities, community service, etc. goes and find a chapter that helps you work towards those goals and elevate your own personal standards. Obviously choose a chapter that you match personality wise with brothers in the chapter, as they will be your friends and brothers for not only the four years of college, but for the rest of your life as well.

What is the IFC?

The Interfraternity Council, or IFC, is the governing body of all social fraternities on campus. The council is consists of elected individuals from the individual chapters in the community. The council establishes the laws and policies that the chapters must abide by, enforces said policies, and serves to provide resources and opportunities to the fraternities and any individuals looking to join a fraternity.

What's the financial requirement for membership?

There is no standard requirement held for dues among chapters and each fraternity is free to determine their own cost. Therefore it is best if you contact the chapters you are interested in individually to find out the costs associated with joining.

How will joining affect my grades?

The average GPA of fraternity men is higher than the average non greek student's GPA so you will likely experience a positive change. Every chapter has a scholarship chairmen whose goal is to assist the members in their academic development. There is variance between chapters on the academic standards they hold their members to. You should join a chapter whose academic expectations align with yours. You can see the GPA of a chapter at here or by contacting the individual chapters.

What occurs at recruitment events?

Fraternities are banned from having alcohol or women at any recruitment events. Besides that there are no restrictions placed on what chapters choose to do. Most events are casual and are created to allow as much interaction between brothers and recruits. Common events include open houses, poker tournaments, sporting events, and cookouts. Go in with an open mind to recruitment events and you will not leave disappointed. This is a chance for chapters to meet new potential members so expect them to be receptive towards you.

Can freshmen be recruited?

Yes! Anyone can be recruited and attend recruitment events. However no one can join a fraternity until the complete 12 hours of college classes. This gives freshmen the opportunity to adjust to college before joining a fraternity. We advise you to still go through recruitment during the first semester as you will have plenty of time to see what chapter is best for you so that come spring semester you know for sure if a chapter is the right fit.


How many members are in a Fraternity?

You can find out by contacting a chapter recruitment chair or by clicking here.