Phi Kappa Theta

Phi Kappa Theta is a small, but outstanding group of leaders. While we don’t have a large number of brothers, we definitely have one of the strongest brotherhoods you can ask for! We have a diverse array of majors, ethnicities, religions, and hobbies in the house. With a young executive board, new members have the chance to come in and make an immediate difference in the future of the house. The current brothers of Phi Kappa Theta are very progressive and are excited for the future plans we have to maintain and grow the founding chapter of Phi Kappa Theta’s success. We are a social fraternity, but still raise a lot of money for our charity, Children’s Miracle Network. If you are looking to find a smaller community within the large Ohio State atmosphere then text Alex Glessner at (330)780-8908 and we can give you more information and a tour of the house! Stop by the house any time! We look forward to meeting you!